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75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - April 6, 1937

75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - April 6, 1937

This entry is the daily post on this blog from the diary of eighteen year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date.

Since midway through 2010, a weekly update/comments blog entry began to appear on the Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories blog. Those weekly entries, on that blog, on each Tuesday of the week, will continue, with links to these daily entries.

Here is the short entry for Tuesday, April 6:

Real nice day. Jean & I had CCB's car. Every one electioneering. Jean & I visited school. To baseball game. With folks to Bk Nite. "Accused." Down to the Bank eating Smoozies.

Here is the long entry for Tuesday, April 6:

Real swell day out. So different from yesterday. Jean & I had car for awhile in the morning. Everybody electioneering or talking election. Bussy & I home to dinner alone. I forgot my key in pm. Mom at Aid. Jean & I visited school. Helen J. & I to Baseball game & then Bussy & I & Dad went home. Ate, did dishes, & came in with folks to Bk Nite. Doug. Fairbanks Jr. & Delores Del Rio in "Accused." Real good. Down at Bk. eating snoozes & then cam home.

My comments: "Accused" was a 1936 British mystery film directed by Thornton Freeland.

Accused -

Full hour and 12 minute on YouTube:

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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  1. Cool..went and saved "Accused" on YouTube to watch sometime!!