Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2017 Kinnick DNA Results

2017 Kinnick DNA Results

Good news from recent DNA analysis of Kinnick descendants is worth sharing here, and shouting about, quite frankly. AncestryDNA tests now show that all descendants of the Kinnick lines, from William Kinnick, Sergeant Major in the Revolutionary War, and his family, are indeed related genetically.

While we still have not been able to determine the exact common ancestors and lines, tests on over a dozen (and growing) descendants of several of the lines all confirm the genetic relationship. We’ve all hoped and wanted it to be true, but now we have the scientific evidence.

What fun! Thank you, AncestryDNA and everyone who has tested. Have you tested yet? The results are full of interesting opportunities for more research. Join the fun!

Families are Forever!! ;-)