Monday, April 16, 2018

What is the origin of Jasper Kinnick?

What is the origin of Jasper Kinnick?

[Note: The following was recently posted to the Facebook page, Kinnick Family Association. It reached a few folks, but not too many. I'll post it here and see if the reach is greater. Comments are welcomed.]

Perhaps the most vexing question remaining in the Kinnick Genealogy History is where did Jasper Kinnick, the husband of Elizabeth Brightwell, and the father of Jasper, Joseph, and William Kinnick (the Revolutionary War soldier), come from?

We have known and have documents (marriage record and land record) of Jasper and Elizabeth with the surname Kennett. I researched Kennett (and other nearby surnames) fairly extensively, but was never able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Recent writings in the Kennett family have now come to our attention that a little know Kennett named Peter arrived from England in Northampton, Virginia on 13 June 1655. He is not related to the more well-known Martin Kennett making the same trip a number of years earlier and known ancestor of many well-known Kennett persons, including in St. Louis and other Missouri locations.

This Peter Kennett is said to have had at least three documented children: A Sarah (married John Glaze), born in Charles County, Maryland, in about 1680, a son (unnamed, but descendants-three sons-are known) born in about 1685, and Jasper Kennett, born in about 1690. It is speculated that this is ‘our’ Jasper, who married Elizabeth, and likely changed their name to Kinnick, perhaps because he was a dealer of tobacco, referred to by the Indians as “Kinnikinnick.” He was said to be the father of the three sons, Jasper, Joseph, and William Kinnick, all more documented in early Maryland history.

This story fits with all I have learned, with no contradictions. This does not make it true, of course. But, it does make a very viable theory, one that I am adopting until someone brings forth information to the contrary.

What do you think? Comments and Questions welcomed.

Dr. Bill, aka William L. Smith,