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75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - April 2, 1937

 75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - April 2, 1937

This entry is the daily post on this blog from the diary of eighteen year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date.

Since midway through 2010, a weekly update/comments blog entry began to appear on the Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories blog. Those weekly entries, on that blog, on each Tuesday of the week, will continue, with links to these daily entries.

Here is the short entry for Friday, April 2:

Snowed. Typed most of morning. Bussy & I took car home. Skating. Mostly with tall Jefferson kid & B. Boots. [Buddy Boots said] "I never will forget that dress you have on, I've watched you so much tonite."

Here is the long entry for Friday, April 2:

Snow, of all things, on the second of April. Kinda cold & nasty. Typed most of the morning. Mr Browning gone all afternoon so I read "Red Book." Edith L. & Helen Jensen here awhile & we shopped around together after work. Bussy had his hair cut & we went home. Erna & Mrs Lund with us. Back to town to skate again at 7:00. Edith, Helen, Marian T., Erna. Had about the best time ever. Most of the time with tall Jefferson boy & Bud Boots. "I never will forget that dress  you have on, I've watched you so much tonite." Maybe a date Wed nite. Harold J. drove car to take town kids home. Coke at cafe. Pillar P. too. Home little before 12:00.

My comments: She really enjoyed skating. Very interesting, to me. Knew about dancing, not about skating, as an activity.

Do you suppose it looked anything like this?

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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