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Kinnicks in Tennessee

Kinnicks in Tennessee

When I compiled the 2003 Kinnick Genealogy Book Online, I was pleased to include the whole David R. Kinnick line that Mrs. Waggoner failed to recognize in her 1953 Kinnick Genalogy Book.

David's grand-daughter Sarah L., by his son, George (and his wife Catherine Parker) is shown as married to George W. Barr. At the time of the publication, I had no further information on this family to include. In response to a recent query at ancestry. com, I did some further census research and came up with some more generations of this family (much more can and will be done).

First Generation
George Washington Barr (b. about 1820, TN) married Sarah L. Kinnick (b. abt 1838, TN) on 24 Jan 1861 in Washington Co, TN. [He was listed as Washington G. in the 1870 census and George W. in the 1880 census.]

Children listed in these two U.S. Census files (as I have listed them-may be others)[All b. TN]:
It is believed, pending further research, that the first four children are from prior marriages of George Barr.]
1. Asa Barr (b. 1856)
2. David B. (b. 1858)
3. John J. (b. 1860)
4. Rachel E. (b. 1854)
5. Mary C. (b. 1865
6. Wood M. (Woody) (b. 1862)
7. Alfred Carrol (b. 1866)
8. Martha Erva (b. 1869)
9. Sidney S. Barr (b. 1873)

Second Generation
Wood M. (Woody) Barr (b. abt 1862, TN) married Mary N. Martin (b. Sept 1855, TN) on 28 May 1881 in Smith County, TN. [Woody's middle initial varies by census.]

Children listed in 1900 and 1910 U.S. Census (as I have listed them-may be others)[All b. TN]:
1. Johnnie Bell (b. 1885)
2. Oscar S. (b. 1890)
3. Tabitha (b. 2 Jul 1892, TN; d. Oct 1984, TN - per SSDI)
4. Mattie May (b. 1895)
5. Lucy Jane (b. 1899)

Third Generation
Tabitha Barr (b. 2 Jul 1892, TN) married Luther Johnson Williams (b. abt 1895, TN)

Children listed in 1920 and 1930 U. S. Census (as I have listed them-may be others)[All b. TN]:
1. Mary M. (b. 1917)
2. James L. (b. 1920)
3. Brooksie L. (b. 1922)
4. Geraldine (b. 1924)

If you have additional (or better) information on this set of Barr-Kinnick descendants, I would love to hear from you via comments or my email address.

Bill  ;-)
The KINNICK Project

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John Wishard KINNICK family update

John Wishard KINNICK family update
(This family was based in Mountainburg, Crawford Co, Arkansas - just drove past there on I-540 over the holidays - we do have a lot of information on this family - thanks to all those who contributed)

From time to time, I get emails for KINNICK family researchers with updates to information we published in the 2003 KINNICK GENEALOGY BOOK online. This year, I will endeavor to get permission to share these update here on The KINNICK Project blog, so that all of you with interest will be able to check it out and add it to your database.

Also, I hope we can manage to get a few more of the family interested in our family history.

Following is a note from Duane Thompson with updates on his family (with permission):


If it is any help, here is some update information for the page:

Children to John David Thompson and (subsequently divorced) Martha Morris

1 - Lennon Rose Thompson, b 18 Nov 1988 in Denver
2 - Duane Scott Thompson, b 1 Dec 1989 in Denver

BTW, there is a reunion trying to be planned for the Thompson side
of this family in Pittsburg, Kansas for June 2011.  I've tried to
post information to which includes a tree
and family information showing the Kinnick link through our Mother,
Mescal Jeane Kinnick Thompson (daughter of Emmett Robert Kinnick
and Mary Ruth Snadon).


Duane Thompson
Centennial, CO

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Happy New Year 2011!

Writing plans for 2011

As a retired 71+ year old person (professor), making "New Years Resolutions" is really not especially useful.

First, I am retired; I can do pretty much as I wish (if my wife doesn't object) most any time I wish.

Second, family comes first - grandpa, husband, father, brother, uncle, etc.

Third, I have a contract to teach an/my on-line university course in the Spring.

Finally, with the time left, I write.

1. I expect to complete and publish my second novel in the Spring of 2011. I will continue to promote both novels through appropriate activities throughout the year.

2. I will continue to write weekly articles for on both my topic areas: Springfield Genealogy Examiner and Ozark Cultural Heritage Examiner.

3. I will continue to research and begin to write the non-fiction Revolutionary War family history book on Sergeant Major William Kinnick.

4. I will continue to research and write the non-fiction family history book on my great-grandfather Michael Smith.

5. I will continue my primary blogs, with most entries related to the research, writing and promoting I am doing at the time:

Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories
Dr. Bill on Retirement
Dr. Bill's Book Bazaar
The Homeplace Series Blog
The KINNICK Project

6. As mid-year approaches, I will step up the Civil War research and writing for my young adult Civil War novel and "The Beginnings" novel in "The Homeplace" series.

Have a Great New Year! ;-)