Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kinnick One-Name Study Underway - contact with Kinnick surnamed persons sought

Kinnick One-Name Study Underway

Working from this "The Kinnick Project" blog, in recognition of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the "2003 Kinnick Online Genealogy Book", we have undertaken an official "Kinnick One-Name Study" to be conducted via the collaborative "Kinnick One-Name Research Wiki."

All interested Kinnick descendants are invited to read the home page of the wiki and apply for membership/register as a member. There is no fee, and registered members will be able to edit and other-wise contribute directly on the inter-active Research Wiki website, at their option. Participation is encouraged.

If you do not want to contribute, but desire to be certain that your family is included and/or just want to keep up with what is going on, please register at the wiki and/or send me an email note directly at:

billsmith2003 at

Even though we may be in communication, from time to time, via the Kinnick-L mailing list, Facebook, or other media, I would appreciate a current contact from each person reading this who carries the Kinnick surname, so we can be sure you, and your family, are properly connected to this study.

My mother was a KINNICK, and loved to share that she was a KINNICK. Most all folks with the KINNICK surname are related (see comments on home page) so we are hoping to hear from a lot of cousins. Thank you!