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75 Years Ago Today - Eileen's Diary - April 6, 1939

75 Years Ago Today
Eileen's Diary
April 6, 1939

This entry is a post from the diary of my mother, twenty year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

Here is the daily entry for Thursday, April 6:

Really windy. Bussy, Mom, Betty & I took folks car to Carroll.
Left at 10:00. Mom got shoes & suit. I got shoes. Betty got her eyes tested.
I went to the Doctor. I'm just fine. Home at 4:00. Did up work. Ate supper, Pete milked, took baths & shaved. Took Mom & Bussy into town & then went up to Arnold & Julia's.
LVene, Verle, Margaret, Orel, Edith, Howard, Helen B., Elmer, Erna, Orville, Dick, Don, Kenny, Ramona M., Edith, Ed,  [space]
Played cards & ate hot dogs.
Home at 12:30.

My comment:

Busy day at Carroll. Positive results. BIG party in the evening.

Had a Hot Dog lately?

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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