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75 Years Ago Today - Eileen's Diary - April 20, 1939

75 Years Ago Today
Eileen's Diary
April 20, 1939

This entry is a post from the diary of my mother, twenty year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

Here is the daily entry for Thursday, April 20:

Did usual work in morning. To town a minute. Took things in for Gleaner's class. Pete discing & harrowing oats east of barn.
LVene, Margaret & Polly came while I was scrubbing. Curled their hair. Finished making smock. Ironed them. Got ready to go to S.S. party at Glenn & Ruth's. Had a wiener roast. 21 there. Home at 12:30.

My comments:

First mention of "Gleaner's class."

She curled a lot of hair! ;-)

"Glenn and Ruth" Bolger, of course, became my in-laws. Nancy was born just 33 days after me. So, whereas Mom was 6 1/2 month pregnant, Ruth was 5 1/2 months along, if I counted right!

Ruth on left, Glenn on right, his sister, Clare, in middle.
Carolyn and Bob?? late in 1938, perhaps

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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