Monday, July 7, 2014

75 Years Ago Today - Eileen's Diary - July 7, 1939

75 Years Ago Today
Eileen's Diary
July 7, 1939

This entry is a post from the diary of my mother, twenty year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

Here is the daily entry for Friday, July 7:

A nice day. Fed Billy. Sister Aletta gave me my bath. Read awhile. Ate dinner. Fed Billy. Rested awhile. RIta Kult here in the morning & afternoon. Clayburg's were here in pm. Bro't flowers. Worked puzzle that Rita bro't up. Ate, fed Billy, worked puzzle & read until Pete came. Irene, Max, Gary & Ed Kult here too. Left at 8:30. I read the Enterprise & then to sleep. Side hurt after 1:00 am. feeding so they gave me a couple of pills.

My comments:

Assume Rita worked there in the hospital. Good to see the pills were an apparent exception.

First inside page of Baby Book with entries - vital statistics, enter contemporaneously…

[Click for larger image]
Love her penmanship! ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Lovely handwriting, Bill - your mom's? And didn't she have lots of visitors, eh?

  2. Yes, Celia, that is her handwriting. Just like her father's. She was very proud of it. That is the way the diary is written, as well. Very distinctive. I believe I would recommend it anywhere! ;-)