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75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - Dec 13, 1938

75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - Dec 13, 1938

This entry is a post on this blog from the diary of nineteen year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date.

From March 1 thru April 29, I posted every day, to cover the marriage and the early married life of Pete and Eileen (Kinnick) Smith, but decided to 'take a breather.'  Resuming with Dec 1, 1938...

Here is the daily entry for Tuesday, Dec 13:

 Didn't get up 'till late. Late with chores. Nice out. Pete made a trough. Ate dinner. Pete cut some wood and I helped him saw it. Chored early & went to the Scranton - Gr. Junction - Coon games. Coon won both games. My stomach hurt awful. Took hot water bottle to bed.

My comments:  Coon Rapids had good boys basketball team, from reading 75 years ago column in The Enterprise. Showed, again, this week.

"Pete made a trough." I can picture it, in my mind, but having trouble finding an image. This is likely what it looked like, in process, at least. May have added legs, of some sort. Probably used to feed cows, I guess, so it would need to be up off the ground.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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