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75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - March 25, 1938

75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - March 25, 1938
This entry is the daily post on this blog from the diary of nineteen year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date.

Starting March 1, a weekly comment on these daily entries appear on the Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories blog. Those weekly entries, on that blog, on each Friday of the week, will continue, with links to some of these daily entries.

 Here is the daily entry for Friday, March 25:
0 eggs

Up early. Pete & Albert here for dinner. Busy getting ready for shower. Wore my green velvet. Shower at Ed Williams. A lot there and I got the keenest presents ever. Had a whole carload of them. Home at 6:00. Pete did chores. I got supper. Did up the work. Took a bath and went to bed.

My comments: Ed Williams home was across the road south and about a half mile east from Smith's homeplace. This was a neighborhood (Star neighborhood) shower. Neat. She seemed very pleased, even surprised.

Look what I came across a while back - their first family ledger - cash income from selling the cream coming out of that separator they had to clean carefully twice a day - perhaps it was worth it!

It great this has survived! ;-)

Love seeing her writing - who scribbled on that???

 Cash for cream, bought butter out of proceeds!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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