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75 Years Ago Today - Eileen's Diary - September 26, 1939

75 Years Ago Today
Eileen's Diary
September 26, 1939

This entry is a post from the diary of my mother, twenty year old Eileen KINNICK SMITH, 75 Years Ago this date. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

Here is the daily entry for Tuesday, September 26:

Birthday note: Karen Kay Kinnick [1st birthday]

Up at 6:00. Really cold. Did dishes, separator. Pete over at Buds' shelling. Home to dinner. Cleaned up & went in to town to Fair. Mom kept Billy. Home at 5:30.
Chored, ate, & went to bed.

My comments:

They would have gotten this certificate last Sunday, most likely! ;-)

[Click to see larger version]

NOTE: Another interesting article in yesterday's hometown paper, about the Bakery fire:
Coon Rapids Enterprise - Thursday, September 25, 1014 - Page 5

"Even as abroad, gas masks were in use in Coon Rapids early Wednesday morning. The firemen found it necessary to use them in fighting the $2,000 blaze which smoldered in the basement of the Graves Bakery, sending out clouds of dense black smoke. Ed Zavitz, nightwatch, discovered smoke coming through the sidewalk ventilators in front of the bakery about 2 a.m. and turned in the alarm. Firemen and a large crowd of spectators promptly appeared on the scene. Since the fire was in the basement directly under the huge three ton oven, firemen were handicapped in getting at it, fearing the thing might cave in on them at any time. The building, owned by Lela Mountain, and the bakery equipment, owned by Paul Graves, were both covered by insurance and will be put in condition immediately. The floor
will have to be replaced in the back half of the building, glass replaced and the entire building repainted according to Wm. Mountain, who estimates damage at about $325.
Bakery equipment, damaged by smoke, water and chemical will have to be completely reconditioned before business can be resumed, which will be at least 30 days, according to Mr. Graves.
Smoke also seeped through the basement walls filling the Bowman grocery and Textors cafe on either side of the Bakery, but very little damage was done at either place. The fire was supposedly started by defective wiring igniting waste in the basement." 

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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