Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KINNICK One-Name Study registered with global Guild - and Update

KINNICK One-Name Study registered with global Guild
... and Update 

We previously reported officially starting a KINNICK (with KENNICK variant) one-name study at the "Kinnick One-Name Study Wiki" - a collaborative platform for multiple person input and global access.

1. We have now taken the next step and registered at and joined the global "Guild of One-Name Studies" so that anyone around the world who undertakes research on the KINNICK surname (or the KENNICK variant) will be able to know we are here and interested in sharing research as well as sharing contact with them.

2. The KINNICK DNA Project is also alive and well, seeking additional DNA tests of Kinnick descendants at Family Tree DNA to strengthen the growing database to compare with other potential family members around the globe. We especially seek yDNA37 tests from the direct male lines but also welcome Family Finder Testing and Full mtDNA Testing the Project, as well. Thank you for your participation.

3. Updates have recently been made to the KINNICK branches of both the FamilySearch Family Tree and the WikiTree Family Tree online. These are the two 'universal' trees in which we are actively participating. You are welcome and encouraged to view and comment on either or both, of course.

4. The "2003 Kinnick Genealogy Book" Online recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

5. Comments below, or to email: billsmith2003 at gmail.com, are requested and welcome. My mother was a KINNICK, for those who may be newly arriving at The KINNICK Project. Welcome! ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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