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75 Years Ago - Eileen's Diary - January 11, 1937

75 Years Ago
Eileen's Diary
January 11, 1937

This entry is the daily post on this blog from the diary of eighteen year old Eileen KINNICK, 75 Years Ago this date.

Since midway through 2010, a weekly update/comments blog entry began to appear on the Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories blog. Those weekly entries, on that blog, on each Tuesday of the week, will continue, with links to these daily entries.

For 1937, the first entry available was for January 4. It was made in a multi-year diary format, so is short. Starting on January 5, there are two entries, one on the small format and a second is a full page entry. I suspect the longer entries were made later, when she got that book… there is no way to know, unless it shows up in the entries. This goes on for a couple of weeks. Let's see how it goes.

Here is the short entry for Monday, January 11:

To work again. Studied & played "Solitare." Typed for Betty a little. At nite listened to Fibber & Molly & Lux Theater "Gilded Lily." Embroidered on Ger's baby pillow.

Here is the long entry for Monday, January 11:

Real swell day but it didn't thaw very much. Came in to work. Played Solitaire. Quite busy in p.m. Jean & Betty down to see me. Buzz & I started walking home & Pevestorfs picked us up. Sewed on pillow for Gertrude's baby. Listened to Fibber Magee & Molly, Pick & Pat & Lux Theater "The Gilded Lily." Main man was Pete again. Went to bed after programs.

My comments: 'Pick and Pat' here was new to me - a forerunner to Amos and Andy is seems.

You can actually download the radio program "The Gilded Lily" that she listened to, in MP3 format on your computer or other listening device.

Here is the description of the 1935 movie of the same name…

Jeanette Brideson was born on Dec 13, 1936.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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