Friday, December 16, 2011

Excerpt from forthcoming non-fiction book

Excerpt from the forthcoming non-fiction book:

The World of Sergeant Major
William Kinnick
(Revolutionary War Era)


Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith

William Kinnick was born April 1719 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. At the age of two, his mother deceased and his father, Jasper Kinnick, unable to care for him properly, placed the boy in the care of his brother-in-law, Richard Brightwell, until the age of 21 under the order of the County Court. In his fourteenth year, young William habitually ‘ran away’ from the home of his uncle, Richard Brightwell, his lawful guardian, to the home of John Brightwell, the younger brother of Richard Brightwell. Richard Brightwell filed a petition in the County Court to clarify his responsibilities under the earlier Guardianship order of the Court.

From the Court Record:

Consideration thereof had It Ordered by the Court here that the same be Reflected:

William Kinnick aged (as tis said on Courts horo) fifteen years next April in his proper person prays the Justices thereof that he may be Admitted to Choose his Guardian which is granted him. Whereupon he makes Choice of John Brightwell who upon his Declaring in Court how his Willingness to accept the same is admitted accordingly and the said John Brightwell in his proper person in Court now obliges himself to give his said Ward Two years Schooling or to Learn him to Read and Write and afterwards to Bind him to Some handy Craft Trade until he arrives to the age of Twenty one years.

William Kinnick reached the age of 21 in April 1740.


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