Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post - Rene M. (KINNICK) Coffelt Family

 Guest Post
Rene M. (KINNICK) Coffelt Family Memorials

 Today we have a 'guest post' from a KINNICK Researcher who has been very active on, Rene M. (Kinnick) Coffelt. I am pleased to work with her to help share her important contributions to our family history.

We will start with a nice family photo she has shared, on the memorial of Grethel Kinnick. Rene's comments, below, on the description, are most helpful. Following that, we have listed the memorials of her ancestors. Each of them has additional useful links.

From the far right, Grethel Kinnick (wife of John B. Kinnick); John B. Kinnick (son of John Wishard); third from the right is Jean C. Kinnick (wife of Therell R. Kinnick), my Grandmother. Next, the tall young man is Robert Morris Kinnick (son of Robert Emmett Kinnick). The lady in the center is Martha Ann (Willis) Kinnick (wife of Robert Morris Kinnick). The gentleman in the hat, in back is Everett D. Kinnick (son of John Wishard) Kinnick. This is about 1954, give or take a year.

My Grandfather Therell Russell Kinnick is second from the left, first row. He was born in 1917, not 1916. The little boy on the right is Mike Kinnick son of Orville Kinnick who was raised by his Grandfather and Step-Grandmother John B. Kinnick and Grethel Kinnick. Mike still lives and owns the original Kinnick farm of about 7 acres in Mountainburg, AR. He was called by the family "Little Mike" by his family since he had a first cousin that lived in Fort Smith that was about 5 years his Senior.
Added by: Rene M. Coffelt (Kinnick and Fox)


Additional Memorials by Rene: – John Kinnick (son of George and Hannah so on and so forth)
Thank you for sharing, Rene!  ;-)
Families are Forever!  ;-)


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