Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's talk about the KINNICK-HERRON Connection

Let's talk about the KINNICK-HERRON Connection

In mid-April I posted a note on the KINNICK-HERRON Potluck Reunion in Coon Rapids, Iowa, on June 12. Alonzo (Lon) KINNICK (1870-1923) and his wife, Nettie (1869-1936), had five children, two boys and three girls. Follow the last link to see all their children and grandchildren, briefly summarized, below.

Paul, the oldest son (my grandfather), married and had three children, a girl (my mother) and two boys. Robert, the other son, married and had five children, two sons and three daughters. The younger two girls each married and each had a  boy and a girl. From these four of the five children, then, there were 12 grandchildren, with only four boys carrying the KINNICK name.

Lucile, the oldest daughter of Lon and Nettie, married Wilson HERRON. They had 10 children, themselves, 4 sons and 6 daughters. These 22 grandchildren of Lon and Nettie became, the 'Kinnick Cousins,' as they called themselves (they had many, many gatherings, over the years); with each having a spouse, this group, alone, numbered 44 ... and there were some second marriages. It is the survivors of these 44 and their children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) that make up the 'pool' of persons for the June 12 reunion gathering.

In coming days, and weeks, I will be posting more information about this group of 'KINNICK family descendants' - this post will anchor those posts for the links above as useful details.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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