Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surname Saturday - KINNICK-SHEEK Connection

Surname Saturday 

This morning I got a nice note from Steve Dennis, my 6th cousin-2x (2 generations) removed that has again piqued my interest in examining in more depth some of the fascinating family history of the KINNICK-SHEEK, KINNICK-BARLOW, KINNICK-BONER, KINNICK-HARRIS, KINNICK-GROSS connections. These all relate to a multi-family migration from North Carolina to Indiana in 1850-1851. Thirty-seven of the family members making that 'wagon train' trip (many simply walked the whole way, also, of course, along with the wagons) were listed in the 1951 KINNICK Genealogy book, and recorded in the 2003 KINNICK Genealogy Book Online.

To demonstrate the complexity of the relationships of just the SHEEK-KINNICK connections, Steve and I are actually related in 8 different sets of relationships according to my Family Tree Maker for Mac software, including:

2nd great grandson of wife of 3rd cousin-3x removed, and
6th great grandson of husband of 4th great grand aunt... along with others.

Our common ancestor is Sergeant Major William KINNICK (1719-1785) of the Revolutionary War era - the feature figure of my next non-fiction book. I descend from William (and Sarah) KINNICK's son, John. Steve descends from their daughter Ann. Ann's son, George (and his wife, Hannah) KINNICK's daughter, Sarah, married John B. SHEEK. They had 12 children, 7 of whom lived to adulthood, married and mostly also had large families, largely in Indiana, including William H. SHEEK, Steve's 3rd great-grandfather.

Steve has a copy of a great photo, from about 1912-1913, of the William H. SHEEK family, including each of their children and a four grandchildren. I hope to post it when we have verified each of the persons in the photo with more certainty.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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