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Kinnicks in Old Man's WW II Draft

Kinnicks in Old Man's Draft - US WWII Draft Reg Cards, 1942

On 27 Apr 1942 men who were born on or between 28 APr 1877 and 16 Feb 1897 not already in the military were required to register for a draft - not for military service, but to help the government get a grasp on the industrial manpower capacity of the country. {About half the states are available at this time}

Blaine Kinnick 26 Apr 1880 Bloomfield Fairfield, Connecticut White

Frank E Kinnick 10 Apr 1880 Franklin Hamilton, Indiana White

Fred Albert Kinnick 6 Nov 1880 Johnson Johnson, Indiana White

William Johnson Kinnick 25 May 1880 Johnson Marion, Indiana White

Elmon Dempsy Kinnick 17 Aug 1881 Greenwood Franklin, Indiana White

Otis Beverley Kinnick 17 Aug 1881 Johnson Johnson, Indiana White

Omer Robert Kinnick 29 Nov 1883 Johnson Marion, Indiana White

John Brazier Kinnick 2 Feb 1884 Dallas Mountainburg, Arkansas White

Carl Dempsy Kinnick 11 May 1886 Johnson Johnson, Indiana White

George Donald Kinnick 12 Aug 1886 Bolivar Crawford, Arkansas White

Jabez Tilson Kinnick 12 Aug 1886 Johnson Johnson, Indiana White

Roy Kinnick 14 Sep 1886 Johnson Marion, Indiana White

William Harvey Kinnick 26 Nov 1888 Johnson Marion, Indiana White

Oliver Kinnick 11 Jun 1889 Boone Hamilton, Indiana White

William Delbirt Kinnick 3 Oct 1889 Rocklane Lawrence, Indiana White

George Kinnick 6 May 1892 Eglo Fayette, Pennsylvania  

Joseph Thomas Kinnick 18 May 1893 Marion Marion, Indiana White

Frank J Kinnick 13 May 1895 Johnstown Harrison, West Virginia  

Benjamin F Kinnick 17 Feb 1896 Greenwood Marion, Indiana White

Everett D Kinnick 31 Mar 1896 Talala Fairfield, Connecticut White

Here is a sample of the Draft Card (from - Each will be posted in future posts:

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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